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Duke Basketball campers stay in Duke University student dorms. The dorms we use DO have wi-fi available and ARE air-conditioned but are not outfitted with refrigerators or microwaves.

Boarding campers are only permitted to return to their dorm rooms during lunch time and at the end of the camp day. Day campers are not permitted in the dormitories.


Campers are advised to tie their keys onto their shoelaces – over the 30+ years of our camp this has proven to be the best way to keep track of a key.

If a camper loses his key or does not return the key at check-out, a $100 balance will be added to his online account. This covers the cost of replacing the entire lock, not just the key which is university protocol.

We will make contact to collect payment. The camper will not be eligible to participate in future camp sessions until the balance is paid.

Please note: We will not collect key deposits as we've done in the past. The lost-key fee can be paid by a check made out to Deblin, Inc. and mailed into the camp or by credit card online; there is an additional fee of $5 if you choose to pay by credit card. The camp does not profit in any way from these transactions; key replacement fees are collected and given to Duke University to cover the cost of the replacement locks and keys.


The rooms available for our camp's use are single- and double-occupancy. We do not have triple-occupancy rooms available so, unfortunately, will not be able to meet requests for triple rooms. A camper may request a single room if that is his preference.

Roommate requests can be made on the online registration form (please try to ensure spelling accuracy so we can easily locate the roommate on our roster).

If two campers request one another and are both successfully registered for the same session of camp at the time roommate assignments are made, the request will be met. If you have made the roommate request via the online registration form, there is no need to also submit it via email. Our goal is to meet every roommate request but requests are not guaranteed.

If no roommate request is made, your camper will be assigned either a single room or a double room with another camper in his age group – regardless, he will be placed on a hall with other campers his age and, most often, with other campers on his camp team. We assign rooms based on age (by birthday), placing our youngest campers in the dorms closest to Cameron Indoor.

Group Rooming Requests:

Because our camp rooms are singles and doubles, we do not have other options to accommodate larger groups. If you include a “Group Name” in the “Group” field on your registration form, we will make every attempt to place those in the same “group” near one another in the dorms. Listing names of other campers in this “Group Name” field will also act as an indicator to us as we make assignments. However, it is not guaranteed that group rooming requests will be met.

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