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Information for Sessions 2 & 3 only

Check-in will run from 10:30am-1:30pm on the first day of your camp session in Cameron Indoor Stadium. If you arrive after 1:30pm, please come to the Camp Office to check in.

Please read through the below as it answers our most frequently asked check-in-day questions:

Do I need to bring a health form with me?

The only medical information we require is the answers to the medical questions and the health insurance information collected on our online registration form. There is also a liability release and permission to treat to which you would have had to agree as a part of the online registration process. No additional health/physical form is required.

What do I do if my child has an allergy, medication to take, or other medical condition that I would like to discuss with your camp's medical personnel?

Our camp training staff, headed up by our head Duke Men's Basketball team trainer, Jose Fonseca, will have a table set up during check-in. They are there to discuss any of your camper's medical concerns including allergies and the administration of medication. They will also collect medications to be administered at that time.

What size sheets do I need to bring?

Extra-long twin sheets (the standard in college dormitories) will work best. Some campers prefer to bring sleeping bags and sleep inside them on top of the bed. Don't forget your camper's pillow and towels, either.

Can I help my camper move into his or her dorm? What is the best place to park for unloading?

Yes, parents and family are welcome to help their campers get set up in the dorms on check-in day and to help them get moved out on the last day of camp. There will be camp signage personnel directing you to parking.

How does the camp bank work?

We will collect money for your camper's camp bank at our registration tables. Your camper can then access his bank envelope during games and free time when the concession stand is open. In order to get his envelope, he will need to tell our camp bankers his name and birthdate. The banker will then hand the camper the envelope. The camper will use whatever amount he needs, put their change in the envelope and return the envelope to the bank. The camp bank does not keep track of how much is spent, we only ensure that the money is kept safe and then is available to the campers when the concession stand is open.

How does supervision work in the dormitories?

There is at least one camp coach staying on each floor of the camp dormitories. These coaches will ensure that all occupants of each room are present in their dorm rooms just prior to lights-out. The coaches will be staying in a room on the hall overnight. Each room may be locked from the inside and only the campers have keys to their room (we have access to spare and master keys in case of emergency or lost keys but our coaching staff does not). The campers lock their rooms at night. The exterior doors of the dormitories are also locked with key-card access. Our coaches and staff are the only ones with key cards to the dorms. Our campus is also always monitored by campus police just as it is for our students during the school year.

Will someone wake my camper up in the mornings?

Yes, the dorm coaches will knock on each door in the mornings to be sure that the campers are awake for breakfast.

Can I take my camper off-campus for a meal?

Yes. You are welcome to take your camper off-campus, but you must sign him out at the Managers' Stand in Cameron Indoor Stadium so that we can verify that he is leaving with a parent or other authorized adult and so that we can make note for any camp attendance check that he may miss.

Can I join my camper in the cafeteria or the dorms?

No, we cannot allow parents or family members in the cafeteria or in the dorms after move-in. Only our campers and our coaches and camp personnel are allowed in the cafeteria and dorms with our campers. Parents and family members will be allowed back in the dorms to assist their campers during check-out.

Will my camper be able to go back to his dorm room during the day?

Campers are able to go back to their dormitories once during the day, during lunch. After that, the next time they will be back in their dorms is at night after the evening program.

Can my camper bring his cell phone or iPod around camp during the day?

We do not have restrictions against cell phones and iPods at camp. However, we strongly recommend that these devices be left locked in the dorm rooms during the day. Cell phones and iPods are not permitted to be used during camp lectures, stations or games so the time that the device could be used is limited. Additionally, we have had many instances of such devices' being misplaced during camp days.

Which Duke players will be around camp during my session?

We almost always have former and current Duke Basketball players around our camp. However, due to the busy nature of most of their schedules, we are not able to announce which players will be around during which weeks. In many cases, we do not know that our former players will be in town until a couple days in advance and we would not want to announce their presence, have their schedules change and disappoint campers. It is commonplace for our current players who are on campus in summer school to serve as guest coaches and referees for camp games. So you can certainly expect to see some familiar Duke Basketball faces.

What is the best way for my camper to keep track of his key?

Over the many years that we have run our camp, we have found that the best way to keep track of a camp key is to untie the camper's shoelace, unlace it from one of the shoelace holes, thread the key onto the lace, and re-lace and tie the shoe. A lot of campers use lanyards but we have found that a key on a lanyard is just as easily lost as a key on its own.

What happens if my camper loses his key?

If a camper loses his key, he should report it to the Managers' Stand or the Camp Office right away. We can get a spare key to him within a couple of hours. The charge for a lost key is $100. We will contact parents or families to collect this $100 after the camp session is over. The fee goes directly to the replacement of the door lock and keys; our camp does not profit in any way from funds collected for lost keys. If the key is found before the end of the camp session, you will not be charged.

How will I know where and when to pick up my camper on the last day of camp?

There is no set location to pick up your camper on the last day. What we typically recommend is that you consult the game schedule and find out where your camper's last game is played and meet up with your camper there. However, you and your camper are welcome to make other arrangements to meet up and check out on the last day of your session.

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